Divine Intervention

Dedicated to the siblings of childen who have special needs.  For your patience, tolerance and love. For your pain.  And to the Divine who is always there when Mom and Dad can not be.


This is my attempt to understand and express what my son's world must feel like, look like, and sound like at times.  In this moment I imagine the world of a child who has autism.

A  Moment Before Prayer

He is screaming, he is in excruciating pain!  He cannot tell me what is wrong. Does he  even know Im here?   I can not reach him!

Oh  God, what is wrong?

Original available

Mommy's Wings

When he was just a babe, we would walk through the night. There were times when I felt so much peace and love; it felt like we were flying.

I am Here

 At this very moment while completing this picture I become aware of my fear of "Autism'. and how my fear renders me handicapped.  I do not like what I see in myself.  I struggle between disbelief and guilt and terror.  My son moves forward experiencing each moment, each challenge.  He has great exuberance for life.  He carries so much love in that little body!  When I wake up out of the fear I can hear his heart say to mine, come on Mom! I'm here!

Wendy Free

  This is a dedication to a wonderful gifted occupational therapist at Lets Talk Speech and Language.  Her heart captured my son's attention and affection immediately.  Her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of autism and sensory integration continue to inspire me.  This painting is an expression of joy and hope.  To Wendy and Tracy and all the other therapists working with kids like Peter, until they are able to say it for themselves, I would like to express it for them.  "Thank you for everything! You've helped me a lot. Thank you for speaking my language and teaching me yours.  I hope you realize (as I do) how special you are.


Every day is a winding road leading us back to light.

Millions of Butterflies
 One change in heart leads to another, and another, and another.

Dancing Stars meet the Lizard Frog 

 A dedication to the Sensery Learning Center of Northern Kentucky.  An amazing treatment for Sensory Integration Disorder.  Thank you for giving my son a new grip on the world, a new bounce in his walk, twinkle in his eye, a new ability to learn and a new hope in our hearts. 


 In This painting was created with the hands prints of the beautiful children attending the Mariposa School for Children with Autism. 

It is a dedication to the Teachers at Mariposa and every soul who devotes it's time and energy to helping a heart learn how to fly.

Tracy's Heart

 In a space of love a child can trust, a child can play, a child can understand, a child can speak.

Thank you for your many talents and skills, for your patience, for not giving up, Thank you for your heart.

Love Peter

Let Go Let God

In order to  soar, I had to emerge. 

To see my children fly, I had to release them.

As I let go of my fear,

I became enlightened.

  Welcome to Our  Ride

Pedaling up an unknown hill that doesn't seem to end, accepting that today there is no answer, Watching the dreams i thought were our future change. Many appointments to keep with Doctors and Therapists who are also searching for the answer. Praying, trusting God will help us find the best road for my son. Dedicated to Sondra Williams and other special people who have gone down the same road ahead of us. 

Original available

At the Race

Your at NASCAR. The engines roar and your stomach shakes, the excitement rips through your body.  Electricity fires through your spine to your toes and your fingertips.  Your limbs shake with a life of there own.  Your body jumps with excitement.

The sound is so loud you cannot drown it out, and now it becomes painful. 

Now imagine you feel the same sensations on a moment to moment basis every day of your life when someone simply sais hello or moves.  There is unpredictability with all your senses, including taste, vision and sound.

You are brave. You show up for this life.  Like other children you have feelings and you are aware when others think you are not like them and become fearful.  They stare they wisper, they do not understand and you can not explain you can not talk.

You are a beautiful child of God who has autism.  You are a teacher to those lives you touched.  And my little one, even though you are a rookie in age, in this race of life you are a champion.