Todays Gift

Todays gift may not be what your mind expected, It may just be what your heart has asked for you.

Blaze a Trail

Your one of a Kind

Blanket of Stars

While he sleeps under his blanket of stars, Love is there watching over him.

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Stairway to Dreams

The clamor of the day fades into a sweet melody of dreams

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Waking up with the Sun

I am surrounded with warm, energetic, exquisite bodies of love.

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Unique, special, out of the ordinary, one of a kind, distinct, aamazing,loved, Aware.  Alone?.....


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A Butterfly's Wedding

With a flower fit for two

Among Bright Company

 A celebration of Soul awakening to a lighter presence

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Pilot to Co-Pilot

(A journey together )

Who is teaching who? It is hard to distinguish for we are both learning from each other.

Dedicated to Nicholas

I love you

Endless Possibilities

For those who were awake and aware that night, the world seemed full of endless possibilities

Heaven Calling

I His little feet ran,

his heart did fly.

He knew no difference between the Earth and sky

For all were filled with a radiant light shimmering down, sounding brilliantly bright.

We are all children of God and we are all finding our way.

Thank you Dad for your patient spiritual wisdom

"Well Hello There!"

The stars exclaimed Where there was none, now there is one!

Night Lights

I Nestled in the mountainside of West Virginia is a little neighborhood lit up with life

Tree Full of Stars

A place to grow into a more useful brilliance

Dedicated to the Healing Arts and Massage School in Raleigh NC

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