I am a painter of spiritual connections, color, emotions, awareness and truth.

 Inspiration comes in many ways; the appreciation and awe of loved ones, mystical creatures, fairies, angels, the magical.  An encounter with an exquisite soul.  Awareness of the beauty and/or uniqueness of an environment or dwelling, the journey and he outcome of a complex challenges; the bravery of special needs children and their families, recovery or courage through emotional, spiritual and physical diseases.  Spiritual enlightenment and the excitement and Joy with each unfolding revelation.

My art is a synergy of light/color, sound/music and emotions.   I pray before I start a painting.  I listen to music that either inspires me and/or reflects the feeling that I think the image is portraying. It is a dance.

I use water soluble oil paint and oil pastel, acrylics on canvas or paper.  I use a grid occasionally and photos for reference, but for the most part I start the painting from memory and then see what unfolds.  The styles that first spoke to me are Symbolism, and Impressionism.  Today I am attracted to many styles but when I create I probably fall into a mixture of the above categories. 

When I was in middle school I discovered the paintings of Edvard Munch.  It drew me in enough to be honest, I could identify.  Though I was in a dark time, I painted my way through middle and high school. I sold paintings on jackets, I painted cars and wall murals. Art became my therapeutic friend and still is today when I need it.

Today People have told me they feel different emotions when they look at my art; Joy, sadness, love, whimsy.  “The intense beauty of the colors; it brings them into the scene”.  I am thankful for this connection to people especially if they can identify a truth or be helped in some way.  This motivates me to do more!   I am thankful for the opportunity to create and shar​e my art with you!  God Bless you!