An expression of freedom

Nicholas and Mommy

Big spiritual awakenings sometimes come in small packages.

Dedication to every new parent

Around the Bend

Even the houses are moving to music

Peekskill  NY Snow

The house on the end of the row

is excited about the snow!

Upon a Midnight Clear

My very first angel. Inspired by the joy found in  Christmas music.

Alive, Awake, Aware


Though it may seem as if we are standing still, we are growing towards a new place every day.

On the Hill

The houses in the back like to sit and chat

Mommy's  Wings

When he was just a babe, we would walk through the night.  There were times when I felt so much peace and love, it felt like we were flying

Butterfly Energy

Unleashed, uninhibited, sporadic,  playtime in the park.  Dedicated to Nicholas Raimondi

Waiting for the Wave

The ocean is like life.  Beautiful and scary at the same time. It all depends on how you look at it.

Inner Child

Dedicated to all the Children and Inner Children of the world.  May you continue to speak your uncensored truth, and may we continue to hear you!


Sometimes the hardest things to say are exactly what needs to be heard.

Venice Honeymoon

So far away, yet as close as a dream on your pillow.

Original available

Warm and Fuzzy


Original Available